Biology Refresher Course

Biology offers tools for understanding the reality that surrounds us. This course is aimed at the gradual learning of the themes and specific language of Biology. It is also designed to encourage critical thinking and autonomy of investigation that will allow the students to consciously move towards the choice of the University Course of Study best suited to their inclinations and abilities. The students will independently prepare on all the topics of the course, or select them, according to their needs. As a moment of growth and consolidation of learning, the students will be able to perform tests at the end of each unit of study to verify the goals achieved. (This course will be fully taught in Italian)

Chemistry Refresher Course

The Chemistry refresher course is useful if:
  • you want to enrol in a degree that requires passing a chemistry entrance test
  • you tried to take the self-assessment test and you didn’t get enough results
  • ...or if you just want to go back to the basics...o se vuoi semplicemente riprendere i concetti base.
The course is structured by modules: you can decide whether to follow the proposed scheme or deal only with the topics in which you feel less confident.
Each module is divided into lessons, in which you will find material and exercises to train and verify your knowledge. ( This course will be fully taught in Italian )

Physics Refresher Course

The Physics refresher course aims to provide the student with adequate preparation in Physics to be able to successfully take the entrance test at the University.
In this course, the student will deal with the topics of physics that are usually in secondary schools programmes.
The full program is divided into subject areas by modules, in which the student can find lessons related to the various topics.
You can get an idea of the thematic areas and modules by checking the conceptual map downloadable from the link under the title of the course.
To watch the lessons you will have to access the individual modules.
The modules are numbered so that the student who wants to attend them all, can follow a curriculum similar to the one faced in high school. The student will be able to choose whether to face all the modules or only a part, in the way he prefers; however, for those modules on the map that are connected by arrows, it is recommended to follow the educational path given.
For each lesson, there is a series of test-like exercises meant to verify the acquired knowledge for that specific lesson. Furthermore, at the end of each module, the student will find available exercises dealing with topics from the whole module.
At the end of the refresher course, a student who has successfully attended the full program will be able to pass a test like an entry test for university courses with a planned number or a test to verify minimum requirements. ( This course will be fully taught in Italian )

English A2 - B1 Refresher Course

In this self-access A2/B1 English course, you will build on and improve your current language skills. You will develop your knowledge of English through 10 topics that are generally useful for your academic life. You will focus on building vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, listening and grammar. Each unit includes suggested questions to help you start thinking about the topics. There are also suggested questions to practice asking other people, encouraging you to build your conversation skills in English. English is a global language so there are lots of opportunities to improve your fluency. The Internet is also a valuable source: videos, articles, podcasts, radio programs and specific websites can be easily accessed. Language learning needs commitment and time. Do not rush...enjoy the process!

Corso di Riallineamento di Inglese B1-B2

This course is intended for students who have already reached and consolidated a B1 (CEFR) level of English during their secondary school education and who wish to now reinforce this and expand their knowledge to a B2 level, addressing any gaps they may have by means of self-evaluation and independent study. The course consists of 10 blocks, each one introducing a different academic area (business and management, sociology, Earth Sciences, etc.) by way of exercises that expand knowledge of the English language. The content is delivered via multimedia, but since the course is online, the activities and exercises concentrate on developing the passive skills (reading and listening) and knowledge of the language (grammar and vocabulary) – and not on developing the productive skills of speaking and writing. Lessons are self-paced’ but require you to follow all of them and in the order they occur. Every lesson contains a number of activities which are followed by a quiz. To successfully pass the level, it is necessary to read a minimum of 80% correct answers. All the quizzes can be repeated without limit and without penalties. Where appropriate, feedback is supplied to guide you to the correct answer.

Italian Refresher Course

Il Corso di Riallineamento di Italiano è un percorso di esercitazioni di punteggiatura, grammatica e comprensione del testo composto da 9 unità.

In ogni unità potrai migliorare la tua conoscenza della lingua italiana, ripassando alcune regole e consolidando le conoscenze linguistiche necessarie per accedere ai corsi di studio offerti dall'Università degli Studi di Torino. Ogni unità è composta da regole sintetiche che potrai consultare per il ripasso e da esercizi costruiti a partire dai più frequenti problemi di lingua diffusi tra gli studenti universitari.

Mathematics Refresher Course

The Mathematics refresher course offers an overview of different fields: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, analysis, probability and statistics.
For each topic, students are provided with theoretical material for study, with the support of video lessons sometimes and self-assessment tests.
The course is full of insights and curiosities in order to appreciate the discipline and show its importance even outside a school context; for this reason, several problems among those proposed are drawn from everyday life.
Students can choose their own topics: everyone can organize his/her own personalized training, choosing to deal only with certain parts according to his/her needs and requirements. The concept map of the topics can help. The student is also free in his/her time management since the subject timescales are indicative and do not take into account the variable time for individual study and exercises. (This course will be fully taught in Italian)

Do you have a B1 level in Italian language and culture? Check it out!

Do you want to be better prepared to follow the study subjects taught in Italian and integrate more easily in the student community and the city?
These 10 units can help you. They deal with health, work, study at the university and free time while they let you exercise in the Italian grammar, the comprehension of speeches and written texts. The units have been created for the teaching "Italian Language and Culture" of the Foundation Programme.
You can access all the materials of the 10 units in the order you prefer, but we recommend you to follow the path of the units in growing order and move on to the next only when you have passed the test that closes the unit... Good navigation!